Surf Set Course 2018

A fitness/yoga class on a surfboard balanced on a wave inspired base!

A fitness/yoga class on a surfboard which is balanced on a wave inspired base!


Surf Set is a full body approach inspired by one of the world’s most athletic sports. We draw from a mix of yoga, fitness and real movements of surfing to create a class that builds balance, core strength, stability, agility, aerobic conditioning, power, lean muscle & coordination. Surf Set classes are structured for optimal fat burn, muscle build & improved balance. We will do 45 minutes of yoga/fitness/surf-inspired movements.


Whether you are looking to get fit for surfing, a surfer wanting to incorporate yoga, a yogi wanting a different type of class keeping fit, strong and flexible in between surf trips, or just wanting try something different to keep fit, this will be great for you. If you haven't been able to surf this is a great way to stay fit and flexible for the next time you go! A maximum of 5 people only per course!


£40 for 4 weeks


For booking please contact:


@Eco Gym, 39-40 St James’s Street, Brighton, BN2 1RG


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