SUP Yoga

SUP  Yoga 2018

Tuesdays 6.30pm and Sundays 8-9am from 3rd June 2018 @ Hove Lagoon

Sunday SUP Yoga & Paddleboarding Courses 4 x weeks 8-9am

Ladies Saturday Watersports Days 10-5pm £49.50

12th May, 2nd June,8th September, 22nd September & 6th October

Please book via Hove Lagoon only

Practising Yoga and being on the water work wonderfully together. I love it. You have the sky above you and the water holding you, feeling connected to nature. There is also the added challenge of keeping balance which is great for stability and and core strength. You can not help but be completely in the present moment or you may get wet! :) It is an incredibly beautiful experience, what can be more calming than doing yoga floating on water?  Your paddle board is used as the yoga mat. The end Savasana (relaxation) feels amazing floating on the water being completely at one with the elements.

SUP yoga is about taking a traditional yoga class onto the water where the paddleboard becomes your new floating yoga mat!

We use  SUP boards that will provide a comfortable and stable platform for you to be able to take your practice into a new and exciting direction. Yoga and meditation on water, will give you a whole new experience and will highten your yoga practice.  By being exposed to the elements and having to adjust to the movement of the board on water, you will maximize your core stability throughout the entire class.

Yoga asanas use every muscle in the body, increasing strength literally from head to toe. SUP yoga builds more core strength because these muscles must be engaged to keep your balance on the board. A regular yoga practice can also relieve muscular tension throughout the whole body.

SUP yoga intensifies every aspect of yoga practice, especially balance. Every tiny shift in weight is magnified and conveyed through movement of the board. SUP yoga can help you identify any misplacement within postures and help refine your alignment.

Testimonials from my lovely Yoginis who came to my SUP Yoga Lessons:

''Thank you Kirsty! It was amazing!''

''That was incredible, I feel really calm''

''Absolutely lovely, I feel in a much better place now''

''That was really good!''

''Thank you for another great sup yoga session Kirsty!''

''Life changing''

''I love the way you mix the sup yoga with spirituality and life lessons''

''We didn't want the course to end''

This includes board hire, wetsuit and life jackets.

We will be doing pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation too.

I would advise to wear yoga/gym gear or quick dry clothes that are easy to move in e.g, lycra leggings, board shorts etc. Wear a swimsuit, swimming shorts or bikini underneath.

I am a fully qualified SUP Yoga Instructor and Paddleboarding Instructor.  Please contact me for booking. No non-swimmers or pregnant ladies please for safety reasons.

I hope to see you on the water soon! Love and light

Thanks to James @Lightbox for the pool SUP Yoga photos

Kirsty x

Below are some pictures of me doing SUP Yoga in Mexico in a cenote and in the ocean in Panama :)